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Jotun Helps Seaside SOS Revamp Farm Park

Woodstains from Jotun were used extensively to spruce up the appearance of Carruan Farm, one of Cornwall's key tourist attractions. The Carruan Farm Park is still a working farm, with over 1000 ewes, a beef herd and saddleback pigs. It was noted by the makers of Seaside SOS, and thanks to their generosity, a huge area of the centre has been redecorated using the Jotun product range. The Demidekk Ultimate and Butinox 1 paints were supplied for external application on the restaurant, office buildings and barns where the children's activities take place. Butinox 1 woodstain provides a translucent finish that gives up to five years protection to the timber. Demidekk is water-borne and in contrast, presents an opaque silk like finish for enhanced decoration. Both coatings have been formulated for UV resistance and long term durability.